BSMD BSDO Programs

These are my sons statistics

  1. 3.83 Unweighted, 4.48 weighted, 12 AP courses. Difficult school and top 13% in the class
  2. Had shadowed doctors, and volunteered in a hospital
  3. Did a summer internship at a major university research program and will get publication and recommendations from doctors and the director of clinical research
  4. 34 ACT score in one sitting and 35 composite ACT score
  5. Violin from seven years
  6. EMT for 1.5 years. Went on several rides in EMS sitting with patients etc.
  7. Grew up from a volunteer, secretary, and Vice president for a youth volunteer organization in three years
  8. participated in Hosa
  9. President of the neuroscience group at school

Should he apply for BSMD programs? Is his profile competitive for BSMD programs or should he consider regular programs? Please advice

The admission rates for BS/MD programs are typically in the single digits so these are reaches for all applicants.

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Your son sounds terrific.

If he’s sure he wants to become an MD, he’ll get a few bites of the apple. So sure- apply to a few combined programs. Keep expectations in check, as Thumper noted, they are ferociously competitive. Then- find several match/safety type schools that he is excited about and that you can afford, and he can do what most physicians in America have done- get a Bachelor’s degree and then apply to med school.

Both plans work! He can major in anything he wants as an undergrad as long as he fulfills the requirements for med school, and then-- take the MCAT’s, and apply. The vast majority of doctors have done just that, and your son can be one of them.

He needs to be careful with his recommendations for the combined programs. They aren’t just interested in his grades-- they can see that from his transcript. They will be interested in his maturity level, ethical orientation, kindness-- so a teacher who knows him well- but maybe gave him a B±- is likely better than the generic “He is a top student who works very hard and got an A in my class. He was always well prepared and is very diligent”.

You note BSDO too.

Not my area but @momsearcheng daughter just went through this. She had a guarantee at Nova Southeast but also admission to colleges with an assured entry to Lake Erie /LECOM. Her student will attend very strong Rhodes College with nice merit.

Perhaps it’s another path ?

Actually @Kalpal, the OP did not mention BS/DO…but this should be considered as well. Even those programs are highly competitive.

In the title

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This was moved to the area. Not the OP. The OP had put this in “college admissions” and it got moved. The OP only mentioned BS/MD in their post.


I would say yes for BSDO, no for BSMD. GPA for BS MD is not competitive enough.

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@momsearcheng or any one. I know every BSMD program is competitive but r there any universities (may be little lower GPA) ones my son can try. Can you also suggest good BS DO program universities he should target

My daughter applied to only 2 BSDO programs. NOVA (NSU) and Lecom. She got accepted to both. Read online about programs.

NSU is feeder to their own medical school and requires MCAT. You need to fly for group interview.

LECOM is totally independent from undegrads schools. You need separate acceptance to both. They have huge list of participating schools but most of them are small and not very popular ones (except Rhodes, Binghamton and few others). Also be aware there is limited number of students per school. I.e. if Lecom already has 10 students committed from Bing and you are student #11 then sorry, you can’t feed to LECOM. (This is the main reason we didn’t apply for Bing). You do not need MCAT but limited to physical science majors only and have to take all required for program classes in that school. No AP credits allowed except for Psychology and English.

If you think that your son is interested in LECOM, apply NOW. I bet he will get in, but it becomes very crowded later in the cycle. Just apply to 3-4 schools that feed to LECOM to be able to choose one that will fit your child’s interests best later. You can pick and change undergrad feeder later (if spots are not filled like in case of Bing.)

I know nothing about other programs because BS DO was done at the last minute in our case and never was the ultimate goal.