BSMD or BAMD Specific universities

Like to get your opinion on these BSMD or BAMD programs. My child has a ton of Voluntary leadership, did an internship at Duke’s science and research program, shadowed, volunteered in a hospital, and played violin for six years. Has GPA of 3.83/4 (unweighted) and 4.5 (weighted) and top 13% in class.

Give your opinion on

  1. Alabama - UAB,
  2. Connecticut - UCON
  3. Missouri - UMKC
  4. Toledo - utoledo
  5. Wayne - Wayne
  6. St Louis - SLU

Like to know how many seats are there at these universities for BSMD or BAMD and if my child’s profile is strong enough to apply here.

I think there is enough info out there for you to decide.

Yes the student has the gpa necessary for a UMKC. An SAT / ACT sounds like is needed.

It will be hard. 1500 applicants and this many get in.

All the info for UMKC was easy to find. I would suggest your student research programs if they truly want to apply. This is a serious quest and serious effort needs to be shown vs simply asking for info that is readily available . Clearly these are very competitive programs.

The incoming class will be 105 – 110 students, with 60-65 students admitted from the state of Missouri, 30-35 students admitted from the regional states (Arkansas, Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska or Oklahoma) and 10-15 students admitted from out-of-state.

All of the programs you listed require an ACT or SAT score for admission consideration. See individual program webpages for other admission requirements.

Class size/acceptance rate:

  1. Alabama– EMSAP has 5% acceptance rate. Instate students get strong preference for admission. 10 admission slots available.
  2. Connecticut– No published acceptance rate. No published class size data. Instate applicants get strong preference for admission. (But given that UConn’s med school class size is small–only 110 students, I doubt there are more than 10 BA/MD slots available.)
  3. Missouri– see above
  4. Toledo BACC2MD does NOT guarantee an admission to Toledo SOM, only an interview at the end of junior year. No published admission rate for program.
  5. Wayne State Med Direct– 10 admission slots offered. 5% acceptance rate.
  6. SLU Med Scholars Program does NOT guarantee and admission to SLU’s med school, only an interview at the end of junior year. Acceptance rate to program ~30%.

Also what kind of community service with disadvantages groups does your student have? A strong service orientation is expected of all who are applying to med school.

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