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So I’m still deciding between these four schools. I would like to dual (or double if need be) major in economics and CS. These are my top four unless I get accepted off the waitlist at a few of my reach schools.

At RPI I’ve been accepted for CS and I have the medal ($30k a year)
BC and BU I’ve been accepted for econ in their school of arts and sciences, but I don’t have very much aid.
UMASS is definitely the cheapest option, (around $27k a year) and I’ve been accepted into the Isenberg school, but for finance.

Is a dual/double major possible in these schools. Also, how are the networking/recruiting opportunities in these schools?

I’m not a big partyer so Greek life isn’t important to me, however, social life at school does play an important role for me. How is it at each school?

RPI with the Rensselaer scholarship sounds like a wonderful opportunity to me. RPI does allow for dual majors, but whether you can do it in CS and Econ and how long it would take is something that can only be determined with your Academic Advisor. CS is very demanding especially in junior and senior years. So, you’ll have to face the question of how badly you want it and whether you can handle the demands of both majors simultaneously.

Sometimes a dual major results in more time (courses) to complete your degree. One approach to this is to to get approval to take elective(s) that fulfill RPI elective requirements at a local community college in the summer to save on cost and still remain on track to graduate on time.

The other approach is to do the 2 majors in 5 years. If this is the preferred path, it is probably better to see about getting a master’s in one or the other rather than a 2nd bachelor’s degree. If so, I’d inquire about doing the two as coterminal degrees, which would keep you eligible for yourundergrad scholarship/financial aid package throughout the entire 5 years.

In other words, if you are enrolled in a Coterminal Program at RPI, your Rensselaer Medal scholarship can be extended from 4 years (8 semester) to 5 years (10 semesters). This means that RPI is paying for half of your master’s as well as your bachelor’s. That’s a heck of a deal if you want to go that route. Information about the Coterminal Program is available in the RPI Financial Aid section. Click on “Coterminal Program” in the sidebar.

RPI sounds like an incredible opportunity. The completely different majors are a bit quizzical, What are you really interested in?