BU (CGS) vs Penn State (Smeal) Help!

<p>I recently got accepted to Smeal and CGS (not SMG like I wished to).
I'm having a huge internal debate on which to attend. BU has my major (int. business) which Penn State doesn't, but the whole CGS turns me off. Penn State has a higher ranking than BU but doesn't have a good location which I would need for future internships and job opportunities. Any insight on CGS and the transition to SMG? Are there any factors that could influence me not getting into SMG? What about the surroundings and the environment?</p>


<p>I would be turned off by Penn State in general because of what's recently been in the news.</p>

<p>Unless Penn State has another campus besides the Jerry Sandusky school?</p>

<p>BU was in the new this week when they released a report on their Hockey Players "Culture of Sexual Entitlement". The report was launched after 2 BU Hockey players were charged last year with sexual assault. It is interesting to note that the Hockey Coach for BU has been there for many years and the hockey team has won five national championships. Apparently the hockey teams is revered at the school. Last year BU was in the news quite a bit.</p>