BU - Discussions/Lectures/Labs

<p>does anyone know if i have to take lectures, labs, and discussions from the same professors? or may i take a lecture from one professor and a lab and discussion from another? how does that work?</p>

<p>i dont know about labs since im not taking science but i know that other classes do not require you to sign up for the same professor for lecture and discussion. when you register online, the class should have a little note near it saying what discussion sections you're allowed to take with that lecture. just pick one of those that best fits your schedule or for the professor/TA that you want. hope that helps</p>

<p>However, if your lecture is A1, you can only take discussions that start with A, like A2, A3 etc. and not B2, B3 etc because those belong to lecture B1.</p>

<p>oh, but how does the testing work then?</p>

<p>your tests(midterms) are usually during your lecture times if that's what you're asking</p>

<p>oh, now i understand, thanks!</p>