bu for my daughter

<p>My daughter is very interested in speech therapy and the Sargent School at BU has a great program . The only problem is more interested in smaller schools. would bu be too overwhelming.</p>

<p>What's the question here? Your daughter should find a school with a good program that she would enjoy her 4 years at.</p>

<p>I was worried about BU's size too, but it seems to have a heavy emphasis on supporting students. I would suggest she call Sargent and ask to speak to a speech therapy student.</p>

<p>One aspect of a "big college" environment is class size. Some kids might not feel comfortable at the prospect of freshman & some sophomore year classes which can be huge. And some colleges try to sell themselves on small class size and its benefits. This 'can' be misleading. Once a class size exceeds say 30 ( just an example... ), whether it is 100 or 225 ( again, just examples ) strong really does not matter....the student has to take extra efforts to seek higher level of insight into the subject.
The other aspect is sheer student population size. A student who takes this as an opportunity will get more out of college life than others.<br>
It is important to speak to the subject experts in the college and also take a tour if possible.
Good Luck....</p>

<p>One of my best friends is in the speech pathology program here and raves about the program. I have many friends in Sargent who really love the school too. I've heard nothing but good things.</p>

<p>As for size, I think the best option (if you have the means) is to visit. I had a hard time deciding what size and type of school I wanted when I applied to college. In the end, I applied to a range of schools of different sizes and environments. Now that I'm at BU, I feel like the large urban campus fits me better than any other type of school could have. I think, more often than not, you grow to love where you end up if you build your own little community anywhere. I am really involved at school which has created a bunch of connections with people all over campus. I don't feel intimidated by the size at all anymore. Even for classes, after intro ones, the size usually goes down. I got really used to the larger lectures too. It was a change from high school but not a negative one.</p>

<p>Of course, I think there are also people who don't really like the idea of living in a city. If that's the case, BU obviously won't be the best fit. If you're not the type to approach professors but want good student-professor relationships, it might be harder here too. Otherwise though, if your daughter is the type to get involved at school through extracurriculars or even within her residence, she most likely will discover her niche at BU. Like any other school, you will run into people you know everywhere across campus. We do have a palpable campus vibe too during the year. </p>

<p>I love the mix of being in the middle of an awesome city and the community I've built at school.</p>