BU Guaranteed Transfer Fall 2021

I was wondering if anyone here is planning on transferring under the guaranteed transfer option for fall 2021 and if anyone knows when they plan to release decisions? Has anyone previously had the transfer option and went through with it?

My son applied to BU for fall of 2021 as a To applicant. I just found out they do not give any priority to TO applicants even though the letter last year he was given transfer option after spending 1 year at another institution. I do not understand why they had bother saying TO if it doesn’t mean anything at all.

They don’t give priority as in he won’t find out before other transfer applicants or he isn’t guaranteed acceptance even if he has the requisite GPA?

Did it specifically say guaranteed transfer? I’ve heard of cases where they usually suggest the student go through one year at another institution and to reapply as a regular transfer student.

TO doesn’t find out before everyone else. TO doesn’t get the first look either. There is no guarantee at all.

Did your S’s decision specifically grant a “guaranteed transfer” or did it say “Should you remain interested in Boston University, you may consider the possibility of transferring to BU after two semesters of strong academic work at another accredited college or university.”?

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I don’t remember the exact wording but it did not say “transfer guarantee” rather it mentioned after 1 year at another institution he has a transfer option. We thought BU transfer option was similar to Cornell transfer option. We were mistaken.

Then it was not guaranteed. It was the standard “you can try again next year”.