BU, Northeastern, Seattle Pacific, Santa Clara

Looking to do Pre-Med and main interest is in medical field, but I understand that many Pre-Meds change their minds, so strong Pre-Med but also diverse program offerings is important. I like a more urban campus. Also interested in taking graphic design classes/minor if possible.

BU: 53k, Sargent Undecided (probably Human Physiology)
NU: 59k, Bouve Health Sci
SPU: 26k, Biology - Physiology
SCU: 55k, Biology

My favorite is NU for its campus, location, co-op program, and seems like a ton of programs and flexibility to explore. However, it is the most expensive, which is important to consider if I end up going to med school. BU seems to be pretty similar minus the co-op program, except I have heard of grade deflation, which would be bad for GPA if applying to med school. Also not the biggest fan of the campus. SPU and SCU seem to have very supportive communities and better access to professors.

Would probably have to take out loans half of cost for those in the 50s.

Not sure what to do. Advice?