BU or NYU (GSP)?

<p>I want to major in econ and eventually do investment banking…should I go to BU or do GSP at NYU?</p>

<p>The best chance of succeeding in investment banking without going to an ivy league school is NYU.</p>

<p>BU's Economics Dept is tops with renowned faculty but the poster is correct that NYC is the hub of investment banking and may be a much better fit if that is your career goal. Although something could be said for going elsewhere to circumvent having to compete with a million others in NYC for the banking jobs there.</p>

<p>Wow similar situation. I got GSP at NYU and into BU's business school. I really love NYU but i want to do business and they basically said transfers to Stern aren't realistic. I don't think you can really go wrong..cause econ is in CAS as you would know and both are in really great cities. good luck</p>

<p>almost the same situation, except i'm a journalism major instead of business major. honestly, i can't even decide. which school is more renowned for its journalism?</p>

<p>What a small world. I intend to major in journalism and was offered admission to both Boston and NYU (GSP). I think NYU is considered the "better" journalism school, but I doubt that BU is far behind. I'm not sure where to go, but both are very expensive, the latter even more so.</p>

<p>glad to hear there's another journalism major :) did you apply to usc @ all? i did, and got in, and i'm thinking about going there (i live in california, so it will be a little easier than going out of state)<br>
NYU's financial aid is scary and horrible, so i'll prolly have to rule that one out.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure BU's is better. Our COM school is consistantly one or two in the country. Journalism at NYU is just another major in CAS. At BU you'll get much more attention and take more concentrated classes. And it'd probably be better to start off right in COM than to start off in GSP.</p>

<p>I didn't apply to USC, but now I wish I had.</p>

<p>Yeah, NYU's FinAid package is the stuff nightmares are made of. I highly doubt that I'll be attending, either.</p>

<p>does anyone know how usc and bu's journalism programs compare?</p>

<p>My d was admitted to NYU's CAS (intending to major in journalism) and to BU's COM school. After attending the Dean's Reception for CAS on 4/7 and COM's Open House on 4/8, she decided to attend BU. My opinion: both will provide an excellent education. Many from NYU's CAS go on to grad school right away. At BU, they think you should get out and work. I liked BU's emphasis on liberal arts and jobs, while NYU was really heavy on liberal arts. NYU also mentioned something called Professional Edge (part of their continuing ed program and "free" to CAS students) in which people from CAS can pick up training in a field such as publishing to go along with something like a journalism major. Seems like this is all in Com at BU.</p>

<p>We're very excited about BU now.</p>

<p>Thanks for the post.</p>

<p>Whether I attend BU or NYU, I'll still be over $100k in debt...</p>

<p>Maybe I should forgo all private universities and stick to in-state safeties. Only 20 days left until May 1, and I still have no idea where to go.</p>