BU Questrom or Rutgers Business School?

I am a sophomore and I am trying to break into to Ibanking. I currently attend RBS but recently got accepted to Questrom and Villanova Business. Which of those schools will give me a better shot at IB? Who has better career services and IB recruiting? I know both are non target but which will give me an edge? How would you rank them in terms of recruiting?

Very few undergrads get into IB so don’t base your decision on that. Go to the school you prefer and that is affordable.

@happy1 I got full ride from all schools so I’ll be barely paying anything wherever I go. Good thing about BU is it’s in Boston which is a better location than other two. But don’t know how many people get in or how do they get recruited?

How BU is considered on Wall Street?

Rutgers is a lot closer to Wall Street.

How BU is considered on Wall Street?

I am currently at Rutgers and they do have very few kids who actually make it to IB/PE jobs at BB. But number of those are in single digit so it requires ridiculous amount of networking/personal contacts to break in. It’s kinda crazy that only handful of people get in from a huge school like Rutgers.

Biased response here probably, but I’m a senior at BU and I can personally attest to the fact that a lot of kids get Citi, BAML, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and particularly Goldman; I’ve probably seen the highest number joining JP / Goldman. Deutsche and CS are less common; I only personally know of ~three BU Questrom kids who are working in IB at Deutsche next year. It took Questrom a few years to start rebuilding its brand capital after the name change, but the collective vibe on campus after this recruiting season has been that BU is stepping up its recruiting at BB/Consulting each year. For instance, Deloitte Consulting (not just Deloitte Advisory; yes I know it’s not a BB anecdote but Consulting requires college brand capital too) will start actively recruiting on campus this fall (with coffee chats currently going on this Spring). By the time you’re recruiting, you’ll have a genuine shot if you’ve put in the work.

@undergrad2018 thanks man I really appreciate your response and I heard lot about BU kids breaking into Wall Street especially through their Investment banking club’s resume drop in. I m pretty social person with solid gpa(3.7+) and tons of knowledge about the industry so I hope that works out. Also can u also tell me about how is the career services at Questrom?

@golflover Yeah of course! It’s often said that the ‘top of Questrom’ can go “wherever they want”. And the career services are robust in my opinion; I don’t however have much to compare them to. 9-5 drop-in resume review by industry professionals (no appointment needed); professionals to help you weigh offers and prioritize firms in the recruiting process; a big thing is firm advocacy too - they will fight heavily for you if a firm doesn’t give you enough time to consider your offer or pressures you to accept on the spot. Outside of career services, the consulting and financial modeling clubs are now old enough to where alumni from them are managing directors who can actually pull in club members, or at least help them land interviews.

&undergrad2018 After reading your response, I decided that there is no way I m not going to BU. The only thing I was hesitant about was the recruiting and career services but now I think BU will be a great option to pursue. Thank you.

@GolfLover20 Hey that’s great to hear! Feel free to DM me if you have any other questions. I think you’ll quickly find that you made the right choice.