BU Sargent questions: admissions, grade deflation, etc

Hi everyone! I’m a current senior planning on applying to Sargent College at Boston University as a Human Physiology major on the pre-med track. I have a few questions about Sargent.


  1. Are admissions for Sargent more competitive than for CAS?
  2. Is it possible to apply to Sargent but instead get into CAS?
  3. How easy/difficult is it to transfer between colleges at BU (i.e. get into CAS, transfer to Sargent)?
  4. Many of my “why BU” reasons relate to Sargent. Is this a problem? I’m worried that they’ll think I only want to attend BU if I get into Sargent, and then potentially reject me from the school overall when I might have otherwise gotten a spot in CAS or CGS.


  1. Is grade deflation a major problem at Sargent? I know that grade deflation is probably terrible in intro-level sciences, but what about other classes?
  2. How large are classes? How accessible are professors?
  3. What types of things do students typically do during internships?
  4. Would you consider the workload reasonable/manageable?
  5. I’d also love to hear anything else about your experiences at Sargent!

Thank you all so much in advance!

hii im also looking to apply to sargent for the nutrition program. Is sargent the most competitive to get into. Would you reccomend I apply thru cas?

Dead silence does mean something.


Did you end up going to BU, I am also looking to apply to Sargent as Human physiology major. Can you please share some tips?

Hi! I did get into the program but ended up at a different school because I didn’t think BU would be a good fit for me. I did email someone a student ambassador in the major and she shared some good advice that I can DM you. Good luck!!

Update: I couldn’t find the email but here’s the link to the student ambassadors if anyone is interested: Dean’s Hosts | College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College