BU SMG or GWU Business? Please help!

<p>Hey guys. I'm currently deciding between BU's SMG (15k/year, honors program) and George Washington's School of Business (18k/year, honors program). I've visited both and think I could do well at either. I'm wondering if anyone has input as to which school is better and why. Thanks for any help you can provide!</p>

<p>This may sound dumb...but one of the reasons my S chose BU over GW is that for BU students, four classes is a normal load and for GW it's five.</p>

<p>I don't know anything about GW's business school. Post this query on the Parents Forum. There are some knowledgable people there.</p>

<p>Thanks Kinshasa. I have posted there.</p>

<p>Gosh kiki,
Saw your post on the Parent Board and referred you here. Sorry. The Live Journal links for BU will give you direct access to current Freshman and upperclassman and the 09 class. You'll get a lot of resonses on that board than you will here.</p>

<p>Having said that, we are biased toward BU. The entire student village and new arena and rec. center area have lots of planting and courtyards, outdoor cafe, all adding to more of a campus feel. What I don't like about D.C. is that there are many ghetto crime filled areas so many people that work there take off to the suburbs after 5:00 and it changes. Boston is more of a college town. When I visit DC it always feels dominated by the government. I can't imagine the Businesses in DC would compare to the variety of internship in Boston.Still, GW is an excellent school too.</p>

<p>BU's School of Management building is brand new and state of the art. Loved the little conversation pods all over and the small interactive project classrooms.
Average SATs for BU are higher than GW, not that it matters much.</p>

<p>I don't know anything about GW's program, but I've heard that SMG is one of the most respected business schools in not only the nation, but the world. The program is awesome, though intense, and the building is amazing as well. (Hehe, it has a Starbucks, so I'm biased.) </p>

<p>I'm actually minoring in SMG because of it's awesome rep. It'll look great on a resume.</p>

<p>Come to BU because.....WE WANT YOU!!!! Boston is sic and the profs are tops in their fields.</p>

<p>For those of you that are current BU students, what kind of internship opportunities have you heard about in the Boston area? Also, is there enough to do in Boston? One of the things that is giving me pause is that I felt that Boston was somewhat small while I was there, while DC felt a lot bigger.</p>

<p>Boston is a smaller city but every section is worth seeing unlike DC where you must be careful where you walk. Take a turn and go a block or two and suddenly you are in a tough section of DC. The smaller size lets you get to know your way around more quickly and the public transportation system and "walkability" is better. My cousin is at Georgetown and the kids will only hang out in that particular neighborhood.</p>

<p>There is lots to do in Boston. Check out the thread about two pages ago on Drinking scene where many other alternatives were discussed. Also, check out the web site for BU under clubs and activities. The new arena is drawing big name concerts. Sic music scene, a zillion campus clubs, so many college students. The whole city is oriented toward students.</p>

<p>When we visited BU they mentioned several internships that were amazing. I'm sure DC is very similar in that regard. Maybe Nom can get an idea about the internships.</p>

<p>1 out of every 4 Bostonians is a college student. At least that's what I've heard. Think about it. There must be 15 or so colleges in Boston or the surrounding area- Emerson, Northeastern, Suffolk, Lesley, MIT, Harvard, Boston College, Tufts.....</p>

<p>When S and I toured GW, I was surprised at how few restaurants and shops were around. Well, of course, it's downtown DC, people work there and go home at night. The dining places seemed geared more to business lunches.</p>

Thought I'd respond to your other board post here. Again, both schools are excellent and similar so if you are looking to help tip the scales ....with a 3 hr drive to BU you will be able to hop home for a 3 day weekend or your parents can pick you up without turning it into a two day trip. Even with flying you have to ad an hr to get to and from an airport then another hr or more sitting there before take off. </p>

<p>There appear to be at least two ski/sb clubs at BU accomodating all levels. They go to a nearby slope on Wed. and to VT on Sundays and organize several trips such as Quebec for Presidents Day.</p>

<p>Did you see the inside of the new SMG buiding at BU when you visited? What did you think compared to GW's set up? Have you gotten any responses from the current BU kids on livejournal? (sorry for all these questions)</p>

<p>Yes, I did go inside SMG and was very impressed. GW is currently building a new facility that should be very nice, it's opening in January I think. I haven't posted on livejournal yet, but I will ASAP.</p>

<p>So I've decided to go to BU. See you guys there!</p>

<p>Great choice! I hope we helped you with all our comments.</p>