<p>Which b-school is better? I am an international student and was wondering which one is more renowned in the world? I want to major in international business. </p>

<p>Thanks all</p>

<p>Have you had the opportunity to visit both schools? As an international student, that may not have been possible for you. I see from one of your earlier posts that you were able to switch from Villanova's College of Arts and Sciences to the Business School...you seemed very happy about that.</p>

<p>Villanova is a suburban campus, while BU is directly in the city of Boston and does not have a campus in the traditional sense. Some students love that, while others do not. You might want to consider what kind of environment you would be happiest in because the two schools are not similar in the least.</p>

<p>Well, do you care about your experience?
Because you are comparing being drowning in suburbia for 4 years versus being in Boston.</p>

<p>What's the love for Beantown so many aspiring students have? I grew up there, it's not NY. Being in a suburb of Philly will give you all the City you want or need, without being stuck in it.</p>