BU Trustee Scholar or Duke?

<p>Please help me decide</p>

<p>What field are you planning to study? Is money a factor--did Duke give you a full ride? Have you been to either Boston or North Carolina, have you seen the schools or know anyone there?</p>

<p>1)I havent decided on field yet-but most probably economics</p>

<p>2)Money is not a factor-Duke gave me the same aid as BU</p>

<p>3)I havent visited the places,but I do have some relatives who have studied/taught/lived in both these places,and everybody says Ill have a great time at the university they have been associated with-so it does get confusing.However,weather and locality are not that big a factor for me</p>

Because it's Duke, and, oh yeah, the academics are 1000000000000000000 times better. Need I say more?</p>

<p>I agree with Stain. BU is a great school, but it just can't compare to Duke.</p>

<p>Duke probably has better name recognition especially in the South. However, consider too that Boston is THE best college town in the U.S., some may say, so its not all about being a prestige junkie. Will you be in a BU Honors Program? Do you like the pace and social life associated with an urban environment like BU or an enclosed setting like Duke?</p>

<p>BU has a huge international population from your part of the world, certainly Duke must have that as well, however, it has a southern sensibility which is not good or bad just different from a Northeast city. Duke is near a few growing mid sized cities so may offer many internship and research opportunites as you would get in Boston, of course. Have you looked at pictures on the web sites? Does one environment seem to be a better fit, not just academically, but in terms of the type of social life and US experience you hope to have?</p>

<p>Here is the good news ...Both are excellent schools, not as wide apart as some may think. Duke probably more sports/athletics oriented if tahst your thing. Sounds like you would be successful at either environmnet. Being a Univ. Scholar you may stand out more at BU than Duke.</p>

<p>I would choose Duke</p>

<p>DEFINITELY DUKE! If you're being given the same aid, Duke is a whole lot better than BU academically, socially, and climately (lol). Going to BU would be a very big mistake.</p>

<p>"Going to BU would be a very big mistake."</p>

<p>Hey, what's all this bashing BU on its own board?
You say that locality's not a big deal, but I think you will find an immense difference between the south and northeast. Visiting definitely helps and it really all depends on what you want to do. In terms of a livable urban environment with great research and internship opportunities, the city of Boston is unmatched.
Sure, Duke is obviously a great school but I have seen several on this board reject similar schools in favor of BU. And since you are a University Scholar, you will probably have immediate success to some of the best profs in the country.
Choose wisely, but don't choose simply based on prestige. You applied to BU for a reason. Go with your instinct either way.</p>

<p>If they are both giving you a full ride....theres no way you could pick BU over Duke...i would choose Duke</p>

<p>Now now, a blind 'go duke!' statement isn't going to help Akash any is it? He's probably heard enough of that from various sources. So guys if you want to say 'Duke!' give him a reason. If you wan to say 'BU!', give him a reason again. We can do with less stereotypical comments on this thread.
Duke is a great school, with a great student body and academics. But it's going to be a lot harder to stand out of the crowd at Duke. He's a trustee scholar at BU. Great seminars, great program=instant recognition. I say, the recommendations that BU's profs give the guy who started this thread, will get him into grad school like how a knife passes through butter-smoothly.
So yeah, I'm campaigning for BU, partly coz i am going there and partly to shove the BU bashing away from this thread.</p>

<p>err...hi Akash!</p>

<p>You are from India so I really believe you will be more comfortable at BU. Lots of international students. Challenging and as a Trustee Scolar you will get tons of individual attention and opportunties. Big Fish small pond scenario. Hope to see you in Boston.</p>

<p>Trustee Scholars are VIPs at BU. I remember one of the first brochures we saw with photos of the Trustee Scholars and what they were doing at BU.</p>

<p>Please nobody take offense to the following post. This is a tad hyperbolic</p>

<p>Which is better, Being a VIP at Holiday Inn, or a guest at the Ritz Carleton</p>

<p>Duke. If the cost is equal Duke beats BU hands down, this coming from somebody who had BU as their #1 choice, but regrets not applying to Duke.</p>