<p>There was a small thread on this, but i want some more information.
I read on the BU webiste, that about 90% of the kids whose parents make 80k-120k with SATs over 1350 get an avg. of 22k per year of financial aid. </p>

<p>How bout BC?</p>

<p>Is BC really that much more preppier? If you can provide more info, it would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>If your conservative go to BC if your more liberal go to BU.</p>

<p>both bu and bc are pretty preppy. bc has been trying to combat its image of being very WASP-y by trying to get more minorities, but it still felt really preppy when i visited. bc gives much better financial aid but is harder to get into these days (BC's middle 50% had: SAT Verbal: 600 - 690 SAT Math: 630 - 710, whereas BU's middle 50% had: SAT Verbal:600 - 690 SAT Math: 620 - 690, but BC relies less on scores)</p>