BU vs. BC???

<p>What are the advantages and disadvantages of each.</p>

Oppertunity wise?</p>


<p>I had this dilemma last year. I ended up going to BC because it supposedly had a stronger business school. I did not take social factors into account. </p>

<p>Looking back though, I doubt my college experience would have been any different had I chose BU over BC. They are both great schools; you can't go wrong with either. </p>

<p>However, I will note that it is easier to switch majors at BU (so I've heard) than it is at BC.</p>

<p>Okay, cool. Thanks!</p>

<p>They're both very different. BC is in Newton (suburbs of Boston) while BU is right in the city. BU is much bigger and has a bigger student population while offering many more programs/majors. BC is smaller and is religiously affiliated. BU is a lot more diverse. BC is not as much...</p>

<p>I'm a BU student, so of course I'm going to be a little biased. I think it really depends on what you are looking for. They're both really different schools but at the same time they are great academically.</p>

<p>Son just finished freshman year at BU and is now transferring (deciding between Wake and BC). For him, BU's lack of a traditional campus and school spirit just didn't work. Although he enjoyed his classes and did well, it just wasn't for him. I think that if you don't mind its sprawling Comm. Ave. location and love being in the thick of things, then you'd love BU. If you want more of a cohesive social scene, then I'd choose BC.</p>

<p>BU = actually in Boston</p>

<p>BC = not so much</p>

<p>I'll probably apply to BU over BC because BU has the superior engineering program. Don't know how I'll feel about an urban campus...</p>

<p>BC has no engineering program.</p>

<p>^ I only looked at the top rankings and saw BU was on and BC wasn't, so I assumed BC didn't have a good one. </p>

<p>But still, having a top engineering program is superior to not having one isn't it?</p>

<p>If you plan to study engineering, yes, otherwise it is irrelevant.</p>

<p>^ It wasn't a question...i was a jest. =/</p>

<p>Interesting video on BU and BC.. they showed it on BU Today in December I think.. I know it's totally irrelevant though.. YouTube</a> - BC on BU, BU on BC</p>