BU vs Northeastern vs UMiami for Pre-PA

I am transferring in the fall to either Boston University, Northeastern, or University of Miami. I’m majoring in Psych but am looking into PA school after graduation. I just finished my sophomore year at UMass so I will be a junior at any of these institutions. I wanted to know if anyone could provide some insight on which of these schools offers so some type of pre-pa experience. Anything ranging from clubs or off campus work for patient contact hours. Being from Boston I know I am probably in the best place to get those experiences because of all the great hospitals, but is that the case for Miami as well? I’ve done some research on all of this but I wanted to post to see if anyone has attended any of these schools undergrad for pre-pa or anyone know anything regarding the environment, resources, and advising for these schools.

What is your budget? How much total debt are you likely to need to take on including the PA program? What will each university cost you?

Why did you leave U.Mass or why do you want to transfer out of U.Mass? Are you already committed to leaving U.Mass?

Yes I’m committed to leaving to UMass, I didn’t like how remote it was and the possibility of it limiting opportunities due to location. Plus all of the ones I’ve applied to are more highly ranked.
I would not have debt at any institution or from PA school.

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