BU vs PSU vs UMiami vs NEU

<p>Hi I am an international applicant and have been admitted to all these universities to their business programs and I am very confused on picking any one. No aid or scholorships recieved. Any input would be greatly valued.
Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>As far as location is considered boston will offer you many internship opportunities. NEU is known for being #1 for their co-op program. And Boston University is also really good, i dont know much about boston university but i’ve heard its a party school through friends who have had sibling attend. I was rejected from NEU. If you like warm weather and beautiful beaches well then Miami is for you. I dont know much about umiami either. I was accepted to PSU and am planning to attend. So far from what i’ve heard and read on cc posts i’m really liking it. Im going to visit soon. The only problem i see with penn state is financial aid, i didnt receive much, as i was warned. Otherwise its a really good school its big and has a beautiful location and is good for businesss too. I believe its ranked 40 nationally for business which is pretty decent. Although i wasnt able to feed you in on alot i hope this helps a little. Goodluck choosing the right school for you. I know it can get a little overwhelming. Don’t worry we are all on the same boat.</p>

<p>By the way what campus did you get accepted into at PSU? University Park?</p>

<p>DREAMER 2016 who got into Smeal @ PUS University Park, are you interested in the Special Living Options in North Hall with 4 roommates? PSU is our son’s 1st choice & North Hall is especially compelling as it’s closer to business school & seems newer/nicer than East Hall where most of the freshmen live. Although, North Hall is slightly more pricey…BTW, Business Week ranks Smeal #2 & US News ranks it #20, right with UMD which he’s also considering, but he got into Letters & Sciences there with Markets & Society invite to prep students to apply in sophomore here…hearing it’s quite competitive to get into UMD biz school and sounds like PSU has better internship/job opportunities nationwide as it’s consistently ranked #1 by perspective employers for recruiting</p>

<p>We looked at PSU and NEU; son got wait listed at latter. NEU has a tri-semester program as students do 6 month internships. Don’t see a community feel as friends you make might not be there for a semester between internships & study abroad programs. It’s also quite pricey unless you get a scholarship. For the money, PSU is a better deal with lots of job opportunities for internships and after you graduate. PSU University Park is in the middle of no where, but absolutely breathtaking with a stunning view of mountains all around. It does have a decent nearby college town though I suspect it could get tiring. Lots to do on campus with a ton of clubs/sports offerings. However, if you’re looking for a city life, then better go to Boston or Miami. BU 2012 Business Week business school rankings went up from 33 to 18 which you can Google to see. Might give you some insight for other business schools on your list. Good luck!</p>

<p>I was between UMiami, NEU, and PSU too. How odd. PSU was never a top choice for me because it’s in the middle of no where so compared to schools in the city I felt I wouldn’t get many opportunities (research, volunteer etc). My most difficult choice was between NEU and UMiami. NEU was very tempting because of the beyond amazing opportunities available to the students (co-ops) but when it came down to it, NEU didn’t have a great student life. Since students always leave on co-ops for 6 months, the “NEU shuffle” exists, which means there is no stable ground because students are always leaving and coming back. I felt like you would have many acquaintances but no deep relationships with anyone because they were always gone! Even in the cafeteria you never saw more than two people eating together and some people ate alone. I just felt that there wasn’t a strong community and it felt like a work place rather than a university.</p>

<p>UM has the best of both worlds. An AMAZING student body full of friendly students who have vibrant personalities and UM has great academics and research opportunities. For me, I think that I will be most productive and successful where I am happy. That is why in the end, I chose UM!</p>

<p>I was accepted to Smeal PSU-UP…</p>

<p>Thanks alot guys even though PSU and Umiami are such amazing schools I prefer a city school which would offer alot of internships and academic, professional and social opportunities and I think I have narrowed it down to BU and NEU but then PSU and Umiami are much more highly ranked so i’m still kind of confused. I spoke to many people and I just got mixed reviews for all universities and I have friends attending PSU so i’m torn up between all of these universities. </p>

<p>Another factor to look at is the fact that i’m looking for a school which can give me a great headstart in a career in finance.</p>

<p>Thank you once again and please keep the inputs coming! :D</p>

<p>For finance, I’d pick NEU to be honest. I think the coop would be a great head start for your career. Many people who do the coop end up getting a job offer from the company they worked for. If you don’t necessarily care about a tight-knit college community and want to get an advantage over your peers, NEU would be great for that.</p>