Bucknell 2023 Merit Scholarship Notification

Any idea when students will know if they received (or are in the running) for a merit scholarship?

They are awarded when the admission letters go out. See https://www.bucknell.edu/merit
In past years, posts to this board about notifications have been after Feb 12 if that is any guideline.

Admission letters don’t go out until end of March, though, right?

I applied ED2 last year and received a Dean’s Scholarship ($10k/year). The notice came with the packet I received in the regular mail a few days after portal acceptance.

Some students were invited to send essays for a merit scholarship.

And did they apply RD or ED?


@BagODonuts So the applicant hasn’t even been accepted yet?

Yep–the email said “can’t give you an official acceptance, but inviting you to apply for Presidential Scholarship” and had essays that were due last Thursday.

Very nice @LCBwhy and good luck! My S19 did not receive anything like that. We may be in a different bucket because we qualify for the tuition exchange and that would supersede any merit. But then again, maybe not.