Bucknell Class of 2024

Does anyone know when Bucknell releases regular decision? Is it through email or snail mail?

I think its through email

Bump. Anyone know when decisions are released?

March 26 at 9pm

Guys, I have a small “My Bucknell” button on my application portal. Does it mean some favorable thing or what? I couldn’t log in to that as I don’t have a UserID but I think having that button means something. Let me know!

me too but couldnt log in

Others let us know too! I think it’s a positive sign but not sure. Let’s see if others have it.

It has always been there.

This could get very interesting now… Governor Wolfe of PA just ordered all non life-sustaining businesses closed until further notice. This includes colleges and universities. Unless they are set up to work from home entirely remotely, I’d say they could have a problem releasing decisions by next Thursday.

arent they already shut down

All other colleges have released even if they are shut down.

Did everyones font change in their portal a few days ago? Or was that just on my portal

@College2024 my font didn’t change but the size got bigger.

Lol they changed their website. See the trademark button at the bottom. It says 2020. I felt the change within two consecutive days.

Yes, they sent all the students home, but profs could still work and teach from their offices. Previously admissions staff could have worked remotely and could still meet physically occasionally for admissions committee meetings, etc. But they have been just been ordered to shut down their actual facilities, meaning they cannot meet in their offices, cannot print out and mail acceptance packages, etc. Will it make a difference? We’ll find out. However, something like this has never happened before in my lifetime, nor in anyone else’s, so be prepared.

Hopefully things will still work out as planned. Good luck to all, and stay well.

So many schools are releasing today - a week or more ahead of time. Interesting to know when Bucknell will release. Wake Forest, Colby, Bryn Mawr and 25 other universities are releasing decisions in just a few hours!!!

Got an email, 3/26 at 9:00pm EST

When will decisions be out?

Check the post (#15) above yours.

I’m so nervous! Does anybody know how competitive the applicant pool was this year? Seems like it has been more difficult this year for many colleges.