Bucknell is desperate for diversity? Religious affiliation is considered!?

<p>Ive noticed that Bucknell does consider religion.
Now, what does this mean?
Is Bucknell desperate for diversity? I hear its not very diverse there.
Why are they considering religion? Do they want a religously diverse body, or are they discriminating against certain religions? Is it better to put nothing down? Religious Preference is optional.</p>

<p>Did you guys do the optional essay?</p>

<p>Lots of schools (in fact maybe all) ask about religion on the application. This is no way indicates that they are, or are not, making a conscious effort to diversify. They may just want to be able to report it in various places (like US News, their viewbook, College Board, etc). So you can report or not - it probably doesn't matter.</p>

<p>In general, all the expensive LACs lack diversity. They do the best they can, and most make a big effort, but the reality is they are very expensive and that naturally favors certain kids.</p>

<p>I know a lot of schools do, but it is fact that Bucknell considers one's religious preference in admissions because they blatantly state it.
I know its not just to report it cause they say they consider it for one's admission.</p>


<p>what bucknell actually considers is not so much religious affiliation as religious commitment, which is something that holds true at most schools, regardless of how an administrator chooses to fill out the common data set. this isnt to say that a lack of religious commitment is frowned upon; its not. rather, it simply means that a high level of demonstrated religious commitment is something the school admits to considering, which seems fair enough. applicants representing strong commitments to non-judeo-christian beliefs probably see a slightly larger benefit, and this is where religious affiliation and diversity come into the mix.</p>

<p>so if you want to put your religion down, put it down. if you dont, dont. on its own its neither going to help nor hurt your admissions chances.</p>

<p>is bucknell an incredibly diverse institution? </p>

<p>racially? quite simply, no, though it was significantly more diverse than my central pennsylvania high school. a concerted effort is being made, however, and the university has appropriated significant scholarship dollars to attract underrepresented students to campus. </p>

<p>socioeconomically? more than most people think. bucknell does indeed have a 'preppy' vibe, but it also has more low and medium income students than many of its peers. in fact, of the 47 top-50 lacs for which i have data, only 17 have a larger percentage of students receiving pell grants than bucknell.</p>

<p>politlcally? while bucknell isnt a particularly politlcally active campus, a very broad range of political viewpoints are present. unlike many liberal arts schools, there are indeed real, live conservates roaming the halls. but there are also protests for more organic, fair trade fruits in the dining hall. that makes bucknell a conservative lac, for sure, but it nonetheless leaves it left of center. </p>

<p>so yes, bucknell is diverse... and thats coming from the, uh, fingers! of a bleeding heart liberal.</p>

<p>hope this helped!</p>


<p>Figures on Pell grants:
Bucknell 10% undergrads receive Pell Grants</p>

<p>Pell grants in 13 schools ranked higher than Bucknell (US News):
Barnard 17%
Colorodao 13%
Scripps 13%
Macalester 12%
Mt Holyoke 20%
Bates 9%
Oberlin 14%
Colby 7%
Bryn Mawr 16%
Smith 25%
Hamilton 12%
Washington and Lee 4%
Colgate 9%</p>

<p>Pell Grants in 13 schools ranked lower than Bucknell (US News):
Lafayette 8%
Trinity 11%
Kenyon 7%
Holy Cross 9%
Sewanee 11%
Richmond 8%
Whitman 10%
Occidental 22%
Bard 16%
Connecticut 9%
Union 14%
Dickinson 10%
Franklin and Marshall 8%</p>

<p>Of the 26 schools, 14 are higher, 10 are lower, 2 are the same.</p>


<p>Bucknell -
59% undergrads apply for financial aid - 48% of those undergrads "determined to have financial need."
Average aid package (including grants, loans, work study - everything) $21,000.
Average family who qualifies for financial aid paying $20,940 out of pocket.</p>


<p>Racial profile:
White 85%
Asian American 7%
African Amer 3%
International 3%
Hispanic 2%</p>


<p>Religious preferences:
None 32%
Catholic 29%
Protestant 27%
Jewish 7%
Buddhist 1%
Hindu N/A
Other N/A</p>


<p>I would advise you to do an optional essay, it is one more chance to be heard and hopefully, impress the admisssions counselor. I would look at a school that is interested in religion as a positive. If your student has a passionate, strong voice for his/her beliefs, this could be favorable.</p>

<p>Yes, Bucknell wants more diversity, but so do many, many other colleges. Back in the dark ages, when I went to Penn State, there was a pitifully low percentage of African Americans, something like 2%. So, the school was desperate for more minorities. Even now, both public and private colleges don't want to be known as discriminatory or unwelcoming.</p>