Bucknell RD Class of 2023

I know this is a bit early but I haven’t seen a discussion up for RD yet… good luck everyone!!

Good luck to you!! Have you sent out your application yet?

yes I sent it a few weeks ago and i can’t wait for march!!

On my Bucknell Portal, it has a spot for 1st marking period and 1st semester grades (when available). Do I need those in for the admissions decision to commence or is my application complete as it is right now?

i applied (& got accepted) ED , an admissions counselor emailed me and asked me for my 1st marking period grades about two weeks ago and said she needed them as soon as possible which lead me to believe that was taken in to account however the 1st semester (when available) since indicated as when available probably isn’t necessary for consideration. i would probably just make sure you send both things as soon as you can either way

hey all. I’m a RD applicant too. A little worried about my RD apps as it sounds like schools are offering a lot of spots to ED/EA applicants. March cant come quick enough. I am so ready to have this process done!

Me too y’all. Does anyone want to possibly make a snap gc for RD so we can all talk about Buck?

does anyone know what day the decisions are expected to come out? or does anyone know what day they came out in the past?

they came out 3/27 last year. So far away …


My DD received email today from Bucknell saying decisions will be posted on 3/28 and asking if she wants to withdraw her application. Seems like an attempt to protect their yield??

Received the same note, I was a bit taken back from it.

Northeastern sent the same note…doesn’t mean anything. Most likely sent to all applicants

I got that email too

My DS got the same email. It’s an interesting approach. Release ED. Accept predetermined # and defer others. Stay in the background while other schools release much earlier RDs. Release RD end of March but not before asking if the kids really even still want to go there. Total yield protect for sure. It’s easy for many kids to become disenchanted with a school for this b/c of the complete lack of contact while others have been accepting and wooing for over a month for the RD candidates.

My S also received the email as did a friend.

Interesting. If you withdraw will they refund your application fee?

It would seem to me that Bucknell would only send that type of email to applicants that were going to accept if they are trying to manage their yield.

Many schools send emails like this. Further many schools spend significant time and money trying to identify students who will in fact attend if offered admission. Not surprising or odd in any way.

@Jaspers They definitely send it to everyone. It helps them with yield for the people they were planning to accept, and doesn’t affect anything for the people they were going to reject anyways. Most schools wouldn’t risk sending an email only to select applicants before decisions are actually released.