Bucknell vs. Providence [economics or political science]

I need help choosing between Bucknell and Providence(Econ or Poly Sci). I’ve gone through the list of pros and cons and right now I’m curious which school would be more academically rigorous, and which school is more highly regarded. Boston College is my dream school, and I am exploring the idea of going to either Bucknell or Providence for the year, and then transferring to Boston College or Villanova(I know it’s not the best mindset, but I like both schools equally so I want to think about this to help narrow my options). Which school do you think would put me in a better position to be accepted as a transfer student? Would applying as a transfer student from one catholic school to another help my chances of admission?**

For four year schools, it is best to choose one that you will be satisfied staying at through graduation.

For transfer to BC or Villanova, you need to find out if they have any specific source colleges for transfer students.

Have you had the opportunity to visit the schools?

If you’re looking to stay with a catholic university then Providence would meet that requirement.

I’ve visited both. I’m not necessarily attached to the idea of going to a catholic school, I just want to know if attending a catholic school will help my chances of admission as a transfer to Boston College.

It’s unlikely to make a difference. Since transferring is quite unpredictable I’d recommend choosing the school you’d be happiest attending for all 4 years.

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Not a meaningful difference. Fwiw, BC will not be meaningfully different in either of those 2 categories either.

The one where you shine as a student: where you take challenging classes and excel in them (as in mostly solid A grades) and also manage to get meaningfully involved in the community in your first semester.

If you are going to apply in spring of 1st year, your HS record will count a LOT, so if BC was a reach for you in the first place, that can be problematic.

If BC turned you down, move on. Love those who love you back. Nothing worse than going to a college with your foot out the door. Go there, love it, and you’ll never want to leave.

btw - how will BC alter your life with a poli sci or econ degree in a way the others can’t? Why is BC your dream school - because someone rated it higher? Guess what - they said - no thanks - and that’s it move on. Lots of great schools out there.

I dont’ like when someone asks about rigor. Rank or pedigree don’t equal rigor.

My question would be - do I want to be in society or in the middle of nowhere? The choice, whichever works for you, should be obvious assuming all costs are the same.

Both fine schools.

Of course, this is just my own subjective opinion but based on some exposure to three of those four schools: I would put Bucknell on par with Villanova and BC (both schools I really like btw, especially the latter), and I might slot it a smidge higher than Villanova on my own pecking order list.

I think all 3 are equally well respected and known names and will serve you equally well. I don’t know what you want to do, but if the Econ part of it suggests you’re interested in Finance/Wall Street, I think it’s fair to say that both Bucknell and BC have a bit more alumni support there than Villanova, but I could wrong about that. I know Bucknell sends kids to Wall Street.

All in all, they’re all nice places to spend 4 years. I prefer both BC’s and Villanova’s location to Bucknell’s, but beyond that one point, these don’t seem like schools that generate the kind of plan you’re talking about: getting into one of them with designs on transferring to one of the other two. All three seem to be more or less on the same tier academically and reputationally. Others may disagree.

Those are two good choices you have there. Be proud of yourself. I know less about Providence College even though it’s down the road from where my D goes to college. I love the city of Providence fwiw.

To your specific question, agree with the others that transferring is a contingency and you should pick a place as a destination. I might go with Bucknell since I think most would score it a click up the chart from PC academically, so if the transfer plan is something you’re super committed to doing, that might help on the margin (and just as likely won’t).

If it were me, I’d go to Bucknell and be super jazzed about it and forget BC and 'Nova.

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