Bucks County Community College RN Program

<p>I am 23 years old and attended a West chester University for 5 years and unfortantly never graduated and am looking to go back to school for nursing. I have looked into Bucks County Community College for the RN program due to the fact that I can not get into a hospital based nursing school due to my GPA at WCU. </p>

<p>I am curious to know what others think of the program at Bucks and how long it can take to get into the clinical program once I have taken the pre requisite classes. Also, the difficulty to get into the clinical program and any advice in general!!!</p>

<p>Within a community college, the RN program typically is the hardest for admittance. Apply to multiple colleges to keep your options open. If you don't get admitted, you might take some required classes, and then apply again.</p>