building pro/con list

<p>I'm applying to 7 schools and I was wondering about how you all decided on which were you top choices. I know the whole best fit for you thing...but what was some of the criteria you would have used for building a pro con list?</p>

<p>It might even make sense to use a sort of point system (although we didn’t!). Give somewhere between 1 and 5 points for each of the following and then add up or give more possible points for the more important criteria : academic quality (maybe based on the Fiske guide or other), location, strength in your intended major or interests, calendar (not to be ignored because the 3 quarters is quite different from 2 semesters and a January session), ranking, preppy vs. artsy or liberal vs. conservative fit, how perfect the size seems, how attractive the campus is etc.</p>

<p>What factors did you use in selecting your list of 7?</p>