Buissness school chances??

Can I get into Stern (NYU) or tuck (Dartmouth) with my ec’s and gpa. I feel like my ec’s are good but my gpa is weighing me down. Can u guys recommend me some schools. On top of that, my family can afford most schools.

Hi guys… So I started out freshman year average. I had a 3.67 gpa both semesters. And then coming into sophomore year I was screwed by finals and that really brought all my a-'s crashing down. I ended up first semester w/ a 3.5 gpa and 2nd semester w a 3.0 gpa. Right now my UW gpa is 3.483 and Weighted Gpa is a 4.427 With an upward and realistic trend. I hope to end high school with a 3.705 and Weighted of 4.8 or greater. My UC gpa is a 3.8. My class schedule was rigerous from the start. I took honors algebra 2, honors bio, honors English, and Ap world as a freshman. Sophomore year, I took…Honors Trig/CALC A, honors English, honors chem, APUSH. Next year my class schedule looks like this

Ap psych
Bio technical engineering (Honors credit)
Ap physics B
AP Calculus BC

Extracurricular Activities:

Aug. 2013 - Present
Debate Club / Team

» Member of William Fremd’s successful debate team, specifically the Lincoln Douglas JV team. As a member, I have developed debate skills, policy and research skills, and communication skills. I have a passion for debating a variety of topics ranging from the domestic economy to international crises.

Aug. 2014 - Present
Viking Advisory Mentoring Program

» VAMP is a program designed to help Freshmen assimilate into high school. As a mentor, I have the responsibility of being a positive role model that teaches curriculum centered on a variety of topics including bullying and emotional health. Mentoring takes place every day during the second half of the lunch period.

Aug. 2013 - Present
SOS (Service Over Self)

» Member of SOS, a school club focused on helping the community. I have participated in activities such as walks for Alzheimer’s, Phone-A-Thons for local charities, and helping out at the Palatine Food Pantry.

Aug. 2013 - Present
Math Team

» Member of the successful William Fremd Math Team. As a member, I learned the art of problem solving through teamwork as my main math event was the 8 man team where everyone had to work together to formulate a solution. This made me build confidence in teamwork type settings, which strengthens and prepares me in the political field.

Sept. 2014 - Present
Track and Field

» I have been doing winter track as well as spring track in order to stay fit and test my abilities as a sprinter. With track, I have found that I am part of a mini family with the group of sprinters. Track offers a place of sanctity where I can go to ease all my mind of many stressful things in the academic sector of school while throwing an opportunity to push myself to beat my own records and personal times.

I am in NHS. I also have an internship w a congressman to teach me about politics and buissness in general because I am hoping to major in buissness and go to law school and become a corporate lawyer. I also started two clubs at the school including an Indian student association and peer LEADER CLUB.

Work Experience
Dec. 2012 - Jan 2015
Assistant to CEO
Palatine, Illinois

(Just started)
Sales Lead

Awards & Certificates
» 2nd Place Speaker (Sept. 2013)
» 1st place overall best debater (Sept. 2013)
» 2nd place overall best debater (Jan. 2014)
» 4th Place Speaker (Jan. 2014)
» 10-2 Overall Regular Season Record (Aug 2013 - March 2014)
» ICTA State Qualifier (Feb. 2014)
» 3rd place overall best debater (Jan. 2015)
» 4th Place Speaker (Jan. 2014)
» ICTA State Qualifier (Feb. 2015)
» ICTA 7th place speaker at State (Feb. 2015)

» 1st Place Overall (Sept. 2013)
» 1st Place Overall (Oct. 2013)
» 2nd Place Overall (Dec. 2013)
» Perfect Score Award (Dec. 2014)
» Regional 8 Man team Champions (Feb. 2014)
» State 8 Man Team Qualifier (Feb. 2014)

Misc. Award & Certificates

» Leadership Development - Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC) : Becoming Leaders of Change - Nominee (Pentagon Youth Program)
» Young Scholars Program at University of Chicago: Honorary Member and Graduate
» North South Foundation : 2nd place Essay Writing Contest

Volunteer Work

» Hustle up the Hancock ; I am involved in the Hustle up the Hancock for 7 years to support the lung foundation as I have Asthma. I have done the program as well as volunteered in giving water and other nourishments to participants. The people I met here are amazing as they share the same passion and drive to end all lung related diseases like me.

» Willis Tower Climb ; As well as the Hancock Tower climb, I participate in the Willis Tower Climb. I have been participating for over 5 years. Before my race, I help in the volunteering crew by help setting up the nourishments for the finishers or help with the gear check. This gives me an opportunity to fund the program to find a cure for lung diseases and facilitate the lives of people living with asthma or any other condition.

» Feed My Starving Children ; I have been going to feed my starving children for over 4 years.At FSMC, I help package and make the food to give to malnourished kids in 3rd world countries. I usually lead a group of people or my friends in mailing these care packages. Sometimes, I come in earlier to help label each package and set up the place before the session. It really taught me how fortunate we are in society and that we should give back to those who are not given the same opportunities and resources as us.

» Art Of Living ; At the AOL foundation classes, I help mentor elementary school kids, by teaching them basic concepts of yoga and meditation. I also helped in the preparing of these classes or successive major events along with the classes such as the “Yoga Rave”. I help partake in the organization of these type of events and the vending of books and misc. items at the event itself. I do this in order for self relaxation and to teach young kids coping methods to deal with their stress, as I have been in their place before.

I got a 35 on your ACT. I also come from one of the most competitive schools in the state (top 15)

Tuck is a graduate school of business. You should be aware of that and also the correct spelling of the word business. Unfortunately, your gpa pretty much puts you out of the running for schools like NYU Stern and Dartmouth (or Wharton the only Ivy League undergrad business program). But your test scores and EC’s are very good so keep working on bringing your grades up. Good luck!

Judging from your previous 3 posts asking a very similar question to this I’m gonna assume you didnt actually get a 35 on the ACT and are just estimating. I’d wait until after your junior year to post chance threads.

I did actually get a 35 in the actual ACT my mom made me take it and I did get a 25 and a 2300 on the SAT. I said I’m hoping for a 35 because it dosent count till junior year. I don’t get why u can’t say yes or no for the schools w it? @Machovich

I did get a 35*

Well like the other poster said Tuck is a graduate school which means you literally have no chance there. For NYU who knows, if you get a 35 ACT and raise your GPA then you should have a solid chance.

I was joking about knowing how to spell “business” until I looked at past posts of yours and saw that you consistently spelled it “buissness”. Now I’m serious, you need to get that straight. Also you consistently said you were hoping for a 35, now you say you got a 35. What do mean it doesn’t count until junior year? If you got a 35 anytime in HS, it would count. In any event, your grades are too low for top business programs. That should be you primary focus.

Did you get a 35 on the June ACT, or have been scoring a 35 consistently on your practice tests?

I took the act freshman year and got a 35 but I heard that the scores expire. I’ve been consistently getting 35s on the practice tests after that.

If it’s still on the ACT website, then you’re fine

Hey man I think your EC’s are pretty competitive, good job! When you wrote “math team 1st place overall”, do you mean in the country, city, or just school? Cuz if it’s like a national competition, and you placed 1st overall, you should get into at least NYU (Dartmout and U Penn are reaches for everyone). Also do you have any EC’s or awards related to business? I see that you are strong in mathematics and debating; if your business-related EC’s were as strong, you would have a pretty good chance of getting into top business programs. Don’t worry about GPA; prestigious schools would rather have somebody getting a pedestrian GPA but winning all the awards than somebody with a perfect GPA but doesn’t stand out! Keep it up!

Thank you so much @814565949 most people were being very petty about small stuff like spelling and not really giving me what I want. The math 1st place was for district tournaments but we all got 1st place in regionals for the 8 man team and qualified for state. Unfortunately in my school, we don’t have any business related clubs. There is just business professionals of America but that’s really small and a waste of time due to no fuming and no participants. Do u think I have a chance at the mccombs school of business or haas (UCB buissness school)?

Just trying to keep you from making a serious spelling error on your applications since you repeatedly spelled it wrong in your previous posts and even titled this thread wrong. You even continue to make the same mistake…

but whatever, it’s your funeral.

If you took the ACT freshman year and got a 35, there is no reason for you to take practice tests and retake the exam just so you can achieve another 35.

I dont agree with this advice:

From what you wrote, I imagine you have C’s on your transcript and this will be a problem for most “prestigious” schools (if that means top 20 type schools). A big part of your application will be your teacher and GC recommendations and for schools like Dartmouth if your recommenders are not able to say you are one of the best students in their career, it would be hard for you to be accepted. Dartmouth’s website says that for the most recent admitted class - 30% of the students with rank were valedictorians and 10% were salutatorians. Does this sound like you?

You need to concentrate on your academics for junior year above all else at this point.

@Falcon1 I’ll correct the mistake. I have one C and that is in calculus but I took AP TRIG/CALC A as a sophomore. One of the hardest courses to be given to a sophmore. I think my teacher recommendations will be great because I literally devote all my time towards improving and refining my grades and I think my teachers notice that. Do u think colleges would take into consideration my course schedule because by the end of senior year I will have about 10-11 AP Classes? Also I just gained an internship w/ a congressman and have a job. Also my school dosent have valedictorians and such but they academic scholars with either a 3.9 unweighted gpa or 4.7 weighted gpa which is very achievable for me because I am already at a 4.5 and I still have 3 semesters left.

I don’t know the answer to your question because there are so many factors that go into their decision making process. All you can do is give it your best shot and see what happens. With your present 4.427 weighted average, I calculate that you need a 4.973 average over the next two years in order for you to end with the 4.7 you need for academic scholar recognition. Given that you will have a much harder course schedule over the next two years, only you know if that is realistically achievable. In any event, go for it. At the end of junior year, you’ll have a much better idea of what your target schools should be. Good luck!

Tuck is not UG. You need to do some actual research and come back.

@jaze445 hey thx man! I made a mistake. Someone already pointed it out and I forgot to edit it.

@Falcon1 yeah I can get that average with 1 b every semester. Thank you so much for your time though. Even my mom pointed out the business* thing hahah thx for everything though!