BURNING QUESTION: How does OfficialSATstudyGuide2nd ed. Correlate with real SATscores

<p>How does the "Official SAT Study Guide 2nd Edition's practice test correlate with actual SAT performance. Dont answer if you're going to say, "There is no way to really test actual performance without taking the ACTUAL SAT". I just want to know, is it going to be more accurate then any other Study Books, and a better judgement of your score? Thanks, people who have taken the Practice Test in the 2nd edition, and then taken the REAL SAT, how did your scores compare?</p>

<p>Okay what is a burning question?</p>

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<p>^ i hate when people do that, but it's still funny! </p>

<p>Hmm, I think its safe to say that the BB is a great predictor of score, only because it gives such wide ranges!! I mean c'mon a range like 640-720 isn't helping me asses anything. But if you do enough previously administered SATs then I think you'd get a pretty accurate score prediction. for example my last time taking the SAT, my practice scores were 2050-2140 and i ended up getting 2100.</p>

<p>Dorkyelmo, thanks for that smart-ass comment, just what I was looking for. LOL! But thanks anyways.</p>

<p>DMA017- Thanks for the info, makes sense!:)</p>

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<p>No problem dude, I was being sarcastic as well. That actually was pretty funny, I liked the whole "Let me google that for you" part. Dont worry and be happy, nothing to be sorry about! :D</p>

<p>It's fairly accurate discounting the stress/environment of test day. I wasn't really surprised by the questions on the real thing since they were pretty much of the same "type" as those in the BB.</p>