Bus Law vs Comp Science vs Genomics Theory for Spring schedule?

Hey y’all,
I’m currently at a CA community college, applying to transfer to 4 year universities for a Finance major.
I’m trying to pick my schedule for my spring semester. I’m already 100% taking Calculus 1 (Already took business calculus but some schools won’t count it because they want a >3 unit calculus course :frowning: ) and micro-economics because as a transfer applicant those are both important courses. However, I have time for a third course and I’m just curious about which of these 3 would you pick?
Just to make it easier I will post all the relevant information.

CIS 1: Intro to Computer Information Systems - 4 units
General nature of computer hardware, software and systems: Hands-on applications include introduction to word processing, spreadsheet, database management and presentation software, and a brief introduction to web browsing and email.

Comments: it honestly kind-of sounds like a joke. I’ve taken UNIX and C++ programming “mini-terms” in high school, and I know enough about computers. Ideally I’d like to see a syllabus for this course - but I feel like it probably won’t satisfy the information systems requirement that a lot of business curriculums have. It sounds like it would be an easy A, but I feel like I wouldn’t learn anything. It’s also 2 days a week so it takes up more of my time.

BUS 2: Introduction to Business Law: 3 units
General survey of business law: Principles of law on contracts, sales agency, torts, partnerships and corporations, and the uniform commercial code

Comments: It’s on a saturday at 9AM :(. Fortunately, the drive to campus would only be 10-12 min but it’s still unfortunate that it’s on a saturday. I work FT M-F already :/. However, I already have some experience reading/writing operating agreements, leases, I know some of the laws for LP vs LLC vs Corp so I could probably get by being half-asleep.

BIOSC 30: Genomics Theory: 4 units
Introduction to genetics and genomic technologies: Principles of genetics and data collection (DNA and RNA structure, mitochondrial DNA, nucleic acid replication, protein synthesis, mitosis-meiosis, Mendelian principles, mutation, molecular character alignment, evolution and phylogenetic reconstruction), combined with data handling (bioinformatics mining using GenBank data), and scientific writing; includes guest speakers and on- site tours of genomics institutions and labs.

Comments: This one sounds like it would be really interesting. I have yet to take a science course in college (LEC + LAB always conflicts with FT work). It’s Friday from 6-8:50 for the lecture and then sunday afternoon for the lab.

Anyways, which of these would you take, and why? Keeping in mind I will have classes T/TH evening already.


What schools are you looking at to transfer?

Are you looking specifically at finance, or more like a business degree with a concentration/emphasis on finance?

Regardless, I’d focus on classes that get you where you need. Get your pre-reqs out of the way and any general ed requirements. With that in mind, the courses you’re looking at kind of seem all over the place.

I already have a list of colleges I’m submitting applications to within the next few weeks.

The courses that satisfy pre reqs are micro econ and calculus.

But between these 3 they all satisfy various requirements at various colleges. And I only want to add one of them

Well it turned out that the Comp Sci 1 class is kind of a joke. One of the professors sent me a syllabus and while it sounds easy - I would learn nothing. I work in accounting and I was brought up around computers so I’m not going to gain anything and I think upon evaluation of the syllabus I would not get any sort of definitive credit for this course.

Bus Law was actually cancelled so that’s not an option

Genomics Theory is probably going to be cancelled because only 12/20 minimum people are enrolled and nothing has changed over the last few weeks.

Now I guess I’m picking between “Religions of the World”, “HR in Business”, or “Cultural Geography” for which class I’m going to check out tonight >.>

It may be worth checking the core curriculum of schools you are considering transferring to (can usually be found online) so you can try to take a course that would meet a graduation requirement.

I have - but when you’re applying to a few schools they want different things. Some would rather you take a humanities, some would rather you take an arts class, some would rather you take a comp sci course. It’s not going to be perfect no matter what.

Got it. Then just take whatever you can easily fit it to your schedule

I can fit any of those three haha. However, I know a lot of b-schools have business electives which are supposed to be outside your major so perhaps HR would fit that. Teacher is supposed to be super easy.

Maybe check the schools you are interested in to see if they offer an equivalent course.

I decided to take cultural geography. Comparative cultures is a requirement at many colleges and it would fill it!