busch to livingston

<p>I'm taking a class on busch until 10. I wanted to take a class on livi at 1020. Is this possible? I'm not sure how long busses actually take!</p>

<p>Depending on the time and the exact stops:10-15 minutes on a good day, 15-20 on an average day, 20-eternity on bad days. Definitely doable, especially if it's between large lectures. Wouldn't suggest it for labs and small classes, but sometimes you just dont have a choice.</p>

<p>its definitely doable. i mean you might have a rough time some days, but it is totally feasible, and most of the time you shouldnt have a problem</p>

<p>I have a question. I'm an incoming freshman for the Class of 2016. I will be attending Rutgers in the fall.
I'm going to the School of Arts & Sciences for Communication/Media. If I enroll now, what are my chances of getting into the Stonier Residence Hall on College Ave?
I know it's pretty popular and fills up quickly.</p>