Bush's Back Bulge

<p>do you think he is that dumb to use a microphone box? lol</p>

<p>Are you that gullible? Christ, we've already went through this before.</p>

<p>Well then, to even out the playing field: Why did Kerry slip his hand into his jacket when he was walking out during the first debate? (video exists) Could it have been a wireless PDA with answers to questions?? Gasp! NO! It couldn't have been! :rolleyes:</p>


<p>Vancat and I don't agree on much, but I think the whole issue is nonesense...</p>

<p>I'd at least like to think that politics in this country have not stooped so low that candidates are cheating during debates...untill I see some concrete evidence (no an ambiguous bulge is not concrete) I will stand by this belief</p>

<p>Hey, at least this bulge is on his back.</p>

<p>hm... question,if you were the president or even kerry. would you have wanted to wear a bullet proof vest during the debates? I'd be paranoid that someone was there to shoot me.</p>

<p>yes. the bulge IS from Bush's bulletproof vest, which the Secret Service would have certainly wanted him to wear for an occasion like this. The added imprint of the bulge is from the steel trauma plate in the vest.</p>

<p>saturdayoracle-- that's the best commentary i've heard on this retarded rumor so far :)</p>