busines minor? economics major ? or management of science major?

<p>What's better in terms of preparing yourself for the MBA program? I'm majoring in polisci but I wanted to do either a minor in one those fields or major.</p>

<p>None of the above as MBA needs no preparation. The key to top MBA programs is a good job.</p>

<p>Having said that, and in light of the fact that UCSD is not a target school, you may improve your odds, though still poor, of landing a job in finance/IB/consulting by majoring in economics/management science/math/statsitics/computer science/physics. </p>

<p>An easier route is to major in engineering if you can cut it. Do not major in biological sciences unless you are pre-something or simply in pursuit of temporary happiness.</p>

<p>Yup. MBAs take in all majors pretty regularly. The deciding factor as to whether you get into a top program or not is your work experience. I'm over at Northwestern/Kellogg right now (though not for an MBA), and it seems like half the students here were in consulting, and the rest were doing something else fairly high-profile.</p>