Business at Stony

<p>Hi there. I've been wondering on the business programs avaiable at stony brook. Recently i've been accepted to mostly all top suny schools which consists of binghamton,geneseo,buffalo, and stony brook. The reason i'm still considering stony brook, knowing the fact that bing and geneseo would be an easy choice, is that its very close to my home(nyu) and i like the atmosphere there. So any reccommedations and advices?

<p>Binghamton for Business, if you've been accepted to their SOM.</p>

<p>I was accepted at Stony Brook for Business (EA) and yesterday received a letter from them about being accepted also into the Business Leadership Program. Did you get the letter too? I am only about 15 minutes from SB so I am wondering about this program. I was also accepted into Binghamton SOM and even though I know this is the better business school this program made me want to take a look. I started another thread about this, but haven't received any replies.....</p>

<p>Well, how should i start. First off being accepted to Buffalo, Binghamton, Geneseo,and Stony Brook being said, i've narrowed my decisions down to Binghamton and Geneseo, and also perhaps Stony Brook because of its fabulous location. As being a future business major, of course the school's business program is very important for me. In fact, for bing, i've been rejected to their school of management school unfortuntely :/ and was given another chance at their harpurs liberal arts school under Economics. However, for Geneseo, i've been accepted directly to their business school which i'm very pleased. What i thought about doing at binghamton if i chose to enroll, was to try to transfer in back into SOM from harpurs in freshman year which is bound to be difficult with so much competitive at SOM. Personally, Stony Brook would be an excellent choice from in terms of home traveling and its diversity ,but i heard its business program is a bit in the weak side. I'm really struck in such confusion that i can't even decide and i'm even looking into Baruch College for its locaton at the city, when Baruch is in no match for the SUNY school's i've been accepted too.
MPNY- Oh i'm not sure if i've been accepted into the business leadership program because i didnt receieve my letter yet; i was only informed that i was accepted through the phone, the letter should be arriving very soon. Nice to meet a future stony brook business major if possible haha, stay in contact.</p>