Business Concentrations?

<p>Hey so this is my first post and i have a question in regards to major choice. Currently I am a Business Admin major at a community college but will be transferring into Pitt in the fall. Once I reach Pitt i have my eyes set on the Global Management Major. The choices for concentrations i have are accounting, finance, human resources management, marketing, business information systems, global management, and supply chain management. I'm interested in finance but want some more opinions. Is this major/concentration a good choice or should i double major or ??? Any advise would be greatly appreciated</p>

<p>Supply chain management and information management are two fields of business in need of intelligent, educated leaders.</p>

<p>Many, many people go into finance. It’s an important field but the crowd of kids studying it is huge and competition is tough. I’m not against it but you have a chance to stand out more by focusing on other high demand, small supply areas. </p>

<p>I agree, supply chain is a great choice. I am not very familiar with Pitt’s program though.</p>