Business/CS Double Major?

Hello, I was accepted into McCombs and was wondering if it is possible to double major in CS and Business at UT… Any info would be great.

@sammito1 - not exactly an answer to your question but, if a double major is not the route you want to go, I would suggest looking into the Elements of Computing Certificate:

Good Luck & congrats!

I’m trying to find the information, but when I applied there was a way to double major in both under one condition. You must be accepted to BOTH Turing Scholars and the Business Honors Program in order to double major.

I’m fairly certain it was only available for incoming freshmen to take part of the program, but I’m not positive. I will try to find the link.

I can’t seem to find it, but if you want a mixture of business and computer science, have you thought of majoring in Management Information Systems (MIS)? I was in between doing that vs computer science + business minor. I chose to go down the comp sci + business minor, but the MIS was a great opportunity (I believe it was a top 5 ranked program as well).

This doesn’t confirm if honors is required, but it does confirm that a double major is possible.

you’d need to also get accepted into the CS major, so grades are essential. In addition it would be a LOT of work, since both curriculum’s are hard and there are different pre-requisites. An easier option would be to get one of the CS Certificates (there are a few different ones depending on the interest). These are basically minors, and contain like 15 -20 credits.

Same situation here. From what I heard, UT business isn’t as difficult compared to CS, but what do I need to do in order to double major in CS in addition to BBA? I know I have to get a high GPA, like 3.9-4.0, but what else do I need to do in order to add an additional major is CS?

I found the website I was thinking of.

Not sure if that means that only honors students can double major…