Business Degrees?

Anyone have any thoughts on a business degree from Rollins? They are limited to only a couple of majors and I have concerns about the school not being the best fit for a Business Degree when compared to larger schools with Business Schools and greater offerings.

Rollins College attracts a particular type of student for whom lifestyle is as important as academic offerings.

Of course, if you have specific academic interests which are not offered at Rollins College, then you should look elsewhere.

FWIW: IMO Rollins College should consider enacting an exchange program with St. Lawrence University in very upstate New York.

While Rollins only has a few majors for business specifically, there is a multitude of concentrations that students can choose from such as Finance, Marketing, Family Business, and Entrepreneurship. They do this because of the liberal arts style of the degree. Any student in the country can get a regular business degree but when you have the concentration you learn about all past, current, and even future aspects of business.

There’s also the 3/2 program that’s offered where students can get their undergrad degree in 3 years and then in 2 years they can earn their MBA from Crummer which is the graduate school on the campus. There’s also a dual degree program where students can earn one degree from Rollins as well as a second from Reutlingen University in Germany.