Business Devopment career...thoughts and advice??

<p>I am majoring in Business administration and plan on transfering to Baruch college (buisness school) in manhattan. I like the fact that the job involves building relationships with people and having parterships and closing the deal. Also traveling a lot is a plus for me also. I just need just any thoughts on this career. Would be helpful to have people who actually work in business development and how to have success with this... basically how to get this career, its job growth, any tips possible would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>At first I was thinking in doing management and my dad deals with project management with information technology and I was going to follow his footsteps but this job I felt I would have a lot of passion for...</p>

<p>You can get into business development (or sales) by majoring in just about anything. If you are interested in a business career by getting a BBA, I would consider Finance or Accounting to build a technical foundation. Management or marketing majors are fine but people think the curriculum seems to lack rigor. There was a long NYT article about this topic. Anyways, you can get where you want via many avenues irrespective of a specific major.</p>

<p>im trying debate for the major...cause i was going towards advertising and marketing for the major at baruch...i hate accounting soo much alsoo but ill look into it if it helps for business development</p>

<p>Major in what you love. The sales will come after. I know people in sales who were engineers, bankers, history majors and the list goes on. You like people, relationships, travel - great. Put that love of people into whatever subject matter you specialize in and you have sales/consulting/business development. If you don't love accounting, don't do it! It is too dry and is the antithesis of advertising IMO.</p>

<p>It's not accounting so much that will help with biz dev.... but a strong grasp of key financial concepts and confidence in managing budgets and numbers is important in sales. A lot is made of being good with people etc, but the bottom line is meeting targets and therefore a good grounding in the financials behind those targets is important. Especially as you progress in your career and start to have set targets of others, manage revenue etc, you will be thankful for having done those financial classes....</p>

<p>@ soccergirlnyc- thanks for that input, i think im going to have to pick finance, even though I saw the courses and a lot of it is dealing with economics and accounting...if its beneficial for business development and its recommended to have that background then i guess ill do it</p>

<p>OP - I can't stress this enough. Choose a major of interest to you, not just one that you think will get you into business development. Business development is just a fancy six syllable saying for sales. Having been in sales and sales management for many years, I can tell you that you have to know something about the subject matter before you can sell it and often this is on the job training. So, what do you want to sell? Bonds? Medical instruments? Oracle or SAP solutions? Corporate real estate? You do not need a degree in finance. It sure does help if you want to sell financial services just like a computer science focus is good for IT jobs. You can/will take basic finance and accounting classes as part of your business degree. If you love Advertising and Marketing, do that. </p>

<p>Above all, do well in school. Employers want to see good grades (among other things). Don't put your GPA at risk by taking a bunch of classes you don't like. My opinions.</p>