Business Double Major

<p>Trying to decide on a double major:</p>

<p>I have three areas of study that I like, I am just wondering which will be the best.</p>



<p>BIA (MIS)</p>

<p>Economics is always smart. Between MIS and accounting, I would go with MIS. It's really up to personal preference. MIS is starting to become a very smart degree as technology in the workplace is steadily increasing. If you enjoy accounting (not a lot do), there's more money in it if you get your CPA.</p>

<p>The only two that make any sense to combine are MIS and Accounting. Economics and Accounting will be suggested by some but they're truly two opposing subjects. There is a reason you will see ideas on how to fix the economy from economist and accountants that are two completely different strategies.</p>

<p>If you double major you will be staying extra time or spending money on summer classes. If you spend that money do it for something that when a potential employee looks at it they don't want to ask "why did you double major in these two subjects that do not compliment each other?"</p>