Business Economics at UCLA

I’m an incoming freshman and pre-biz econ major and pretty stoked about it. My only concern is about my major, which I’ve perceived to be difficult at UCLA. I want to go into business, but I also want to keep a solid GPA (don’t we all lol), and I just want to know if business economics is worth/not worth the stress and the challenging workload in comparison to majoring in a different social science (e.g., poli sci, communication studies if accepted to that major) and entering business with one of those degrees.

Any insight from current or past biz econ majors would be awesome. thanks.

As long as you put in the work and get help when you’re stuck you’ll do fine. Biz Econ is hard for a social science but compared to stem it’s a breeze.

The potential financial rewards for business economics can be great if you are willing to put in the time and effort. At times, these classes can be stressful, but as mentioned above, the buz econ classes are easier than STEM classes.