Business—IU kelley v. UMN carlson v. Pepperdine graziadio

Hi! Decision day is approaching quickly and I still haven’t made a decision. I’m picking between Indiana university, university of Minnesota, and Pepperdine university for a business/economics focus. I would love some opinions and explanations of which school I should pick. Thank you!

Pros—well known business school, no lack of social life, road-trip distance from home, beautiful campus, not many people from my school go there
Cons—huge student body, college town not close to a big/fun city

Pros—also a great business school, city-like location, cheapest (money isn’t a factor though)
Cons—a lot of kids from my school go there (especially in business), huge student body, really close to home

Pros—known for business, great weather, far from home, nobody from my school goes there, close to big and fun cities, small student body, religious life
Cons—religious life, lacking in social life?

Re: IU, were you already admitted into Kelley? This would be a factor I think. I went there, yes it is big, so (and my info is old, I admit) you will want to be more proactive with advisors, establishing relationships with professors, etc. There is Indianapolis nearby for more cultural stuff such as concerts, but yes Indy is nothing like LA.
You mention religion as a pro and con for Pepperdine. I’ve heard the religious culture is pretty strong there, so how do you feel about that? I’m sure you’ll love the weather as it sounds like you are a northerner. Would you have a car? Cause if not, getting to do stuff in LA will be hard…public transportation is weak in LA, of course there is Uber.