Business Major and Pre-Med?

I am interested in doing the pre-med track while doing a major in business. How difficult is it to do this? Does doing a major in business while doing the pre-med track lower my chances of getting into a medical school?

Also, what kinds of business majors are the most useful if I choose to pursue a business major in college? I’m not interested in finance or accounting.

Do-able but it will requires some schedule juggling and careful planning. You will need to check the policies at the college at which you decide to enroll to see if students from one college (College of Business) are allowed to cross-enroll in other colleges (College of Arts and Sciences).

Be aware that non-science majors usually receive a lower priority for enrolling in high demand science classes. This means you may be only find open seats for a class at a undesirable time or with a less popular teacher. Or that you may not be able to take a specific class during a specific semester.

No. So long as you have completed the pre-reqs, have scored high on the MCAT, have strong LORs from your science professors, and have developed the appropriate portfolio of expected pre-med ECs, your chances are as good as anyone’s.

Adcomms really don’t care what your major is.

Most useful business major/concentration for a pre-med-- management. Maybe economics.

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You could also look into either a healthcare management major or schools that have combined majors. An example of the latter would be Northeastern, which has a combined Business Administration and Health Science Major, see this link:

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Definitely do-able. And if for some reason you cannot fit in all the premeds, you can finish them in a post-bac year.

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