Business major. Brandeis vs. Santa Clara vs. BU vs. UW & More...

It’s only a week away from May 1.
I am thankful to get accepted but I’m still torn between too many options.
Planning to major business, possibly focusing on MIS or Accounting. I’m from Bay Area and I would like to work in the Silicon Valley after college. The more I research, the more I get confused. Pros & cons seems to be equal for all.

1 Brandeis(Pre-Business/ 1yr. MA):
Pros: 15K Merit Scholarship + 1 yr International Business School MA pre-admission, great faculty from prestigious schools in Boston area. Being quirky which I don’t mind.
Cons: Pre-business in the undergraduate. Rural setting.

2 Santa Clara(Leavy School of Business):
Pros: 17K Merit Scholarship, location: closer to home & the Silicon Valley. Higher ranking in Accounting major.
Cons: Too local (Half are from CA.), high acceptance rate

3 Boston University (Questrom School of Business):
Pros: Overall good business school ranking, relatively low acceptance rate(popular?)
Cons: No FA, No campus, ( If I got merit scholarship, it’d be different story)

4 University of Washington (Economics):
Pros: nice campus.
Cons: Admitted to Arts & Science dept. for my second choice of major; OOS tuition

5 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (Business):
Pros: In-state tuition, high academic standard (Avg. admitted student GPA is 3.99/4)
Cons: Outdated dorms & buildings, limited dining

6 CWRU ( Pre-Business): Expected merit scholarship but didn’t get any.
Pros: Great reputation of student care, great pre-med program(In case I change my major)

Cons: Location

6 Pepperdine(Pre-Business): $13K Merit Scholarship

Pros: Nice campus near the beach & relaxed setting
Cons: 65K. Low internships/ job rates after graduation
Any advice from business major students or grads? Please share your experiences & thoughts. Thank you.