Business Major with a Computer Science Double Major?

Hi, I am planning on pursuing a Business Major, and I want to double major in Computer Science. Is it a good idea?

If anyone can contribute with pros and cons, that will also really help.

You need to talk to your academic advisor to see if it is possible to do both majors in 4 years.

@happy1 it is possible, and I think I am fine with covering up in summer school or 1 extra semester as well, if that’s what it takes.

I think the other question is what business discipline are you interested in? Accounting or finance with CS could be really tough. A general business admin program might be more doable.

I am planning on choosing finance as my discipline, @arc918 . how tough is really tough?

Economics or finance. You can go into financial engineering like me

why don’t you just do MIS if your school offers it, one of the best majors in and my opinion, it also has both of what you are interested in