Business Major

<p>Hey there, first text here on CC! I hope as I ask this I don't seem to na</p>

<p>I am doing a Business diploma at college and as part of the enterprise module I need to start and run my own small business. The Diploma of Business course is suitable for people of all backgrounds and skill levels.</p>

<p>Diploma</a> of Business</p>

<p>What part of finance are you interested in?</p>

<p>I'm looking more at corporate finance?</p>

<p>Getting a job in corporate finance would meet your goals as far as 50k and 40-55 hours a week. Idk what school you're going to, so I suggest finding out what companies recruit from your school.</p>

<p>Will there be ample room in the corporation (Nike and other large name companies in Dallas recruit from the school UNT) to move up in corporate finance?</p>

<p>Your first problem is that you're defining your career around money and time. You're going to go farther in your career if you first sit down and think through (1) what you're good at and (2) what interests you then match those two things together.</p>

<p>If you're terrible suited towards a career or have no interest in it, you're going to fail regardless of the median salary in that field. Similarly, someone who is well suited towards a profession and has considerable interest will likely excel regardless of the median salary.</p>