Business/Marketing reputation at UC Boulder

<p>How good is the business/marketing major there?</p>

<p>I honestly can't tell you as neither of my kids were in that field; it seems to have a good reputation and the new building the Leeds School of Business is housed in is beautiful. One of the newest buildings on campus. Good luck in your search!</p>

<p>My S will be applying in the fall, and is undecided about his major. However, he is interested in business. Is it more difficult to get accepted to the business school than Arts and Sciences as undecided? Is it difficult to transfer into the business school from Arts and sciences once enrolled?</p>

<p>I honestly don't know about the ease/difficulty of transferring into the Business School. From the stats below, the GPAs and test scores of the middle 50% of admitted freshmen are slightly higher in the Business School than in the College of Art & Sciences, but it's not an alarming disparity, so my personal opinion is that it shouldn't be difficult to transfer (but like I said, I have no personal information. ;)). Good luck to your son!! </p>

<p>Middle 50% of Fall 2011 Admitted Freshman Applicants by College</p>

<p>College of Architecture and Planning
HS GPA 3.27 - 3.90
Percentile Rank 65 - 88%
SAT Total* 1080 - 1270
ACT Composite 23 - 28 </p>

<p>College of Arts and Sciences
HS GPA 3.20 - 3.85
Percentile Rank 59 - 89%
SAT Total* 1070 - 1270
ACT Composite 23 - 28 </p>

<p>Leeds School of Business
HS GPA 3.40 - 3.90
Percentile Rank 65 -89%
SAT Total* 1090 - 1260
ACT Composite 24 - 28 </p>

<p>College of Engineering and Applied Science
HS GPA 3.70 - 4.0
Percentile Rank 80 -97%
SAT Total* 1200 - 1350
ACT Composite 27 - 32 </p>

<p>College of Music
HS GPA 3.33 - 4.0
Percentile Rank 63 - 92%
SAT Total* 1155 - 1325
ACT Composite 24 - 30 </p>

<li>Range includes critical reading and math scores only</li>

<p>My son transferred after his freshman year... I think he needed a 3.3 to do this. Fairly rigorous. Try to take residence hall courses (RAP)- for your two ECON prereqs.
Better chance for a decent grade vs the gigantic 200-300 standard class 'experience'.
Personally, had it been possible I would have preferred he MINORed in Business.
But because the business school is impacted - not possible. Unless you hang around
during the summer - which he didn't want to do. Another thing... if you're an out of state
student, the business school is now $16K+ Per semester. IMO,Leeds doesn't have the
reputation to merit that kind of cost. I think they peg their rates to UT Austin. But Leeds
is no McCombs.</p>