Business Mjr needs Electives!

My S is a sophmore at college and needs some electives to finish up the year, he can't start his Jr. level classes until he's put in the mandatory hours and he's done all of the required courses Gen. Ed and Bus. Core (except 2, see below) already. His last 2 classes required are Am. History 2, and Managerial Acct. (Bus. core). So, he needs 2 or 3 more electives from "outside" the business school. I was thinking of Photography, golf, or something along those lines. Can any of you suggest some fun electives that typically yield good grades?
Any help would be appreciated,</p>

<p>Take a class that will bring important knowlege. He should take a statistic course. If he has already taken elem stat then take a higher one. Statistic is always good to know.</p>

<p>Golf was a fun course. So was backpacking. If your sons college has a wine tasting course like Kent, have him take that. The class is in the geography department and called "Environment of Wineries." I guess the first class everyone gets wasted and it is easy to hook up. Ah, I love state university blowoff elective courses. Ohio State has a course called "AIDS Awareness."</p>

<p>Here we have "Fractal Geometry", which studies recurring geometric patterns in nature. Hahaha...</p>