business owners/ irs retrieval tool

<p>I just checked the IRS retrieval tool again, as it has been 2 weeks since we e-filed and we are still unable to retrieve any information. We could not efile our business taxes and had to snail mail those. Our personal taxes are based on the information from the business taxes and I am wondering if our personal taxes will not be processed and ready for retrieval until the business taxes have been processed.</p>

<p>Has anyone in a similar situation been able to retrieve the IRS data yet?</p>


<p>We had to file our taxes via snail mail as well because our taxes are so very complicated as a result of self employed business. So, no, I cannot use the IRS data retrieval tool either. Waiting for the taxes to be processed. I will be prepared for next year though. UGH!</p>

<p>Well we did file the personal taxes by e-file, just not the business taxes and I'm wondering if the business taxes are holding up the processing of the personal.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply!</p>