<p>Hey guys! I am planning on majoring in accounting or business administration but I am not sure which schools would be suitable for me. Can you give me some ideas. I live in VA and so far im above average (ha like everyone here :) But see I am also a party person...I wanna go to a big college or university with lots of people...and parties of course. I just love to be in the middle of huge companies and having fun. So, if you have any ideas of good business schools that suit to some extent what i am looking for please post it. Oki, thanx u guys :)</p>

<p>Ohio State has what you are looking for. Maybe Penn State or UT Austin are good choices also.</p>

<p>osu, penn, and ut-austin are all good party scools. but as far as a "scene" goes, brother, nothing beats socal. and by scene i mean the whole package. in particular, USC/UCLA. even LMU. these schools offer academic quiality and social quality in one very sexy package. if u really want to go nuts, then check out ASU/UofA/SDSU/UCSB. stick to warm climates, people wear less ;)</p>

<p>BG, you've got access to one of the best state educational systems in the country, one for which most out-of-staters would envy your residency. I don't know your scores and numbers, etc., but schools like UVa, William & Mary, Va Tech and James Madison are coveted by many outside the stateline of the Old Dominion. IMHO, you'll get a better education staying in-state than by traveling outside of the commonwealth. Also, the party scene can be fairly rigorous at whatever school you go to because you'll seek it out or create it yourself. Think four years ahead, about where you want to work and live, about which degree from which school will do the best for you and then make your decisions from there.</p>

<p>If you can go to UVA I see no reason to think of anywhere else.</p>

<p>Thanx u guys for all the replies! I am definitely going to apply to UVA and William and Mary but i also want to try something out of state. Thanx for the cool reply,MrTrojanMan, haha i totaly agree wit u on the warm climates :P and also collegeparent for pointing out the how lucky i am to be living in VA. thanx again y'all and if u have any other ideas post 'em :)</p>

<p>UW-madison. Exceeds all the criteria. Awesome school, special campus, great social scene, tops in many sports--football,hockey,basketball.</p>

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<p>ha thanx ill check it out :)</p>