Business program rankings?

<p>How would you rank the following colleges based on their undergrad business programs, specifically accounting/finance:</p>

<p>Penn state- university park
U of Maryland- college park
U of Richmond

<p>I already know the businessweek and us news rankings and personally don't care for them, so I was wondering what everyone else thought.</p>

<p>When accounting for overall school prestige, I rank the schools as:</p>

<p>1.) Villanova- good following in Northeast/Mid-Atlantic and arguably has the best business school of the list
2.) PSU- Big school but was ranked as having stellar job placement for Smeal.
3.) Richmond- Not a school widely known, but their business program (as I've heard) is actually quite good
4.) BU- Pretty good business school and overall university, but their middle-class status amongst other schools in Boston and their notorious grade deflation don't work in its favor.</p>

<p>MD/UCONN- not too sure.</p>

<p>All good schools. How will the shake out cost wise for you? I did my masters at Villanova, but know a lot of UG's and I think the world of them. I went to Syracuse for my UG so it means something when I compliment a rival. If you go, make sure to get into the equity society if you are interested in finance. </p>

<p>Richmond is a small school, but really good. Solid recruiting also. Deff look at that. </p>

<p>UConn is in the middle of nowhere. If you are not a Connecticut resident I don't think it makes sense to pay full tuition.</p>

<p>Same thing with Penn State.</p>

<p>I'm a Connecticut resident so I would graduate college with no debt if I were to go there. The only problem is that I really don't want to go to college with a lot of the same kids from high school. I would say about 50-100 kids go there every year from my town between the two high schools. I really want to get away from ct.</p>

<p>Nova and Richmond are very expensive, but they are private schools which tend to give more aid. I would end up with a lot of loans to pay off, but it might be worth it.</p>

<p>I've always been a fan of Penn state and their recruitment ranking is amazing, but it is in the middle of nowhere...</p>

<p>Yes, Happy Valley is very much far from the bigger cities in PA. What you must do, in addition to weighing the ranking of these school's business programs, is to begin looking at direct factors: location, financial aid, etc. Otherwise, you may be at Villanova but if you're swamped with debt and don't like Philly, was going there worth it?</p>

<p>AH5050, Villanova does not give very much aid from what i hear, so dont count on any.</p>