Business program......

<p>Overall, how does the business program at Penn State compare to that of other ( smaller, private ) schools like Emory ?</p>

<p>I'd say Emory is generally thought of as a better program. Depends on what you want though. You need to consider the social environment too. PSU is heavy on football and has lots of parties and action on campus. A real city is a long way away though. Emory has no football team and the most of the action seems to be off-campus in Atlanta clubs.
Also, if you plan to stay in the PA/NJ area, the PSU network might be a benefit. Lots of folks around here have never heard of Emory. Emory may give you easier access to internships though since you're in Atlanta.</p>

<p>Thanks tone. I concur with much of your assessment, In the end, personal taste needs to be weighed in. Best of luck to you.</p>