Business-related EC ideas for Wharton?

DC has a lot of ECs and a community project in social justice advocacy. Wondering what business-related ECs are out there that DC could get involved in to help their Wharton application? DC’s interested in doing a social justice econ research project. Is that wow-ing enough? The kids making 300,000$ businesses is just not possible for us because we don’t have those resources.

Your daughter should focus on what she loves. There is no secret formula to get into a top school. If she has a job, plays sports, walk dogs, etc. and loves it, that’s what she has.

If she wants to do a project or start a club such as raising money to help refugees or homeless or otherwise and it’s genuine and from the heart. Great - if not - don’t bother.

Wharton is a fine school for finance and more. But no matter what your daughter does she’s unlikely to get in. I say that bcuz everyone is unlikely.

She should be herself and make sure she applies to reaches, targets and safeties. There’s a lot of great b schools out there.

And all will want her to be herself, not a made up person.

Good luck.


Yes, but there are programs/resources out there that we don’t know about that will let them cultivate their passion for economics and social advocacy further. We are looking for those programs/resources. If you have any ideas/recommendations, please let us know.

My daughter, at her college, just started a club to help settle Afghan refugees. They are working with the Lutheran Church which is the govts de facto refugeee organization. In HS she worked with NICE which is Nashville specific but they sponsored a family.

I am sure, whatever the issue there are agencies or charities she can work with whether it’s healthcare such as female rights or food shortages or whatever interests…or perhaps they can intern for a mayor or congressman or agency. Check with your town, city, or county.

While business-specific ECs aren’t bad, they aren’t necessarily what Wharton looks for because they know that high school kids starting businesses is not feasible for most. Instead have your DC focus on what she is passionate about and getting valuable leadership positions bc that is what Wharton wants

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